Young parents

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Young parents Ordinary problems: the daughter does not obey, runs away from the house.

However surprising things are found in a subsoil of some ordinary families, and the most banal the child parental conflicts turn fatal, often hopeless problems which roots sit in the childhood of parents or maybe go to even deep water, depth of generations.

Young parents and tenyearold daughter.

At first sight it is possible to think that mother brought on consultation of two children, different in age.

The woman tall, with big hands and feet, very loud voice and bright makeup, looks even more massive near the pale, colourless, slender husband.

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And nevertheless

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And nevertheless And nevertheless Mrs.

continued to worry about that will be if there is this pregnancy: what it responsibility; that will be with Ted; that with it will make mother of the girl and t.


It quite could present that each resident reads about it incident in the newspaper that call Ted the father that he has to marry on to the little girl and will never be able to graduate from school that it will have to to live all the life as the simple worker etc.

Other problems, which also disturbed Mrs.

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What to do? What

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What to do? What Yes you that?

Whom did you bring?

And gdemoya daughter?

mother heaved a deep sigh.

Our Asenka has an accurate nose, and at this is red.

Our Asenka has cheerful eyes, and at they are angry.

Probably, it is Asjka.

What to do?

What to do?

Where to call?

Where to look for our daughter?

The girl, you did not see our Asenka?

It such beautiful.

Smiles, eats well, is not capricious.

You did not see it?

mother addressed to the girl.

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That I did, Andryusha

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That I did, Andryusha And what you do here?

I the Magic Dream, especially for boys!

Prikletel today on this bed, to the boy, and here anybody, no.

You do not know, where it?

We after all, Children's Dreams, every night the new!

And if he does not look at me today, so does not poksmotrit never.

That I did, Andryusha was terrified, slightly own Magic Dream did not pass!

Here that znakchit not in the bed to fill up!

I now, wait!

he cried to the Dream.

Run laid down in the bed, on the pillow, strong closed eyes.

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It very much

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It very much As Vanya learned to put on Based on Marina Mosina's fairy tale Once upon a time there was a boy by the name of Vanya.

It very much lyukbit to walk with children in the yard.

They thought out different interesting games, and to them was always very cheerful together.

And still the girl Olya often came to play the yard.

It had big beautiful blue eyes and a curly hair.

It very much was pleasant to Vanya, and he wanted to make friends with it.

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It happens

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It happens It happens to all children and they are ready to move away further all from the house and familiar routes in search of novel, neiskhozhenny places.

Of course, to find such where the foot of the person did not go, they will hardly manage also it and it is not important, the main thing, their own foot for the first time there got.

This useful desire: children learn to be guided in space, refresh the impressions, develop ability to adapt in another the unknown!

to Wednesday.

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