We truly

We truly Has to be, it something chu the close.

You could not explain us it?

Because, when we we try to describe this the most sublime of feelings, it an eye it zyvatsya by business hard.

We truly can see an otr zheniye of words of Saint Pavel in a present civilization, because unless we cannot move the mountain and create even the big miracles?

Unless we cannot speak in a whisper and to be usla shanny in all corners of Earth?

And still without love all this it is possible.

We created the enormous organizations, to feed and dress poor but if they are deprived of heart, that are similar to a drum sound which can be heard only because the drum is empty.

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She very

She very Thanks to the progress in speech development, Pamela learned to express verbally some desires on occupations in the musical room, but not to impose the will inadequate means.

She very accurately said: To want to play the piano to lay a plate so far, so, to choose a drum so far, a sound.

Pamela still could not speak from the first person or communicate.

During the third period of the development this little fairhaired girl learned to perceive, realize positively music, gained many skills by means of which could express itself creatively.

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To the surprise, Annie

To the surprise, Annie It stamped a paw.

It is wrong it repeated.

How to me to be now?

Then, loudly snuffling, it raised a paw to the muzzle and rubbed eyes.

To the surprise, Annie saw that a monster plachet.

What with you?

she asked.

A silly question the monster angrily answered.

With me, certainly, everything is all right.

Simply I was just lit with a big awful magic protivomonstrovy lamp, I received the hardest shock, and then, in addition, still saw that you are not afraid of me at all.

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After all nobody

After all nobody It repeated and for the second day, and on the third.

For the fourth day Masha came with the new sinenkky bicycle.

All children rode it in turn and laughed.

To them it was good and cheerful, and Vanya sat one in a big sandbox and missed.

After all nobody wanted to play with it!

But suddenly Mashenka saw Vanya, ran up, took him by hand, brought to the bicycle and told: Ride, how many you want, I am not sorry.

It became a shame to Vanya with the acts.

He understood that to be greedy and to offend children very badly.

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It was amusing

It was amusing To me really it is so good!

Perfectly mother Endrea told.

Now you can see how you open eyes, happily smile, and to you it is so good!


The Endrea opened eyes.

It was amusing and very interesting she told.

Annie opened eyes.

To what it is healthy to fly on a magic carpet she told with delight and embraced the mother.

To me it is really very good.

I think that the forthcoming day will bring me only good news!

Since a release of the first edition of this book musical therapy expanded the horizons and now is used in such different areas as work with conditionally sentenced offenders, or as a method of overcoming of a stress.

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I will start

I will start Parents tell the approximately following: I am invested by duties.

I have to care of it.

I have to be reconciled with it; he is my child.

I will start leading own life when they become the independent.

The same ideas are reflected in statements of children: parents are obliged to be reconciled with their behavior and to suffer everything that they get up, until then so far they it is not reached a certain age.

Conversation, which recently carried out one of us with the yearold boy, illustrates this point of view.

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  • You know, at you in general a habit to do everything straight away mother told and when you so do, you do not even manage to reflect.Annie had a pathetic look.But I can do nothing.Such I am she told.Children such as you a preogromny set mother told but to it it is possible to help.There is a way by means of which you can be changed.It is the truth?Annie was surprised.I can change?As it would be healthy if actually it was possible to change she thought.
  • This requirement will remind the child that you feel for yourself a certain right that you are polite and will care further of yourself.Barbara, whether you will be so kind to clean kitchen?Den, whether you will be so kind to take care of a garden?Megen, whether you will be so kind to explain to me that you solved: to go to school or to pay the room and food?Joe, whether you will be so kind to feed a dog?Steve, whether you will be so kind to give me money to pay this phone bill?
  • If the teacher wants to overcome these difficulties for me, let overcomes.It is not interesting to me any more.Here it from carrying.If the child tries to lift something very heavy, and the teacher decides to help it, often it leaves the subject in her hands also runs away away.There is enough praise, the help or even look to stop it or a prepyatstvo to vat its activities.Perhaps, it will sound strange, but such can occur even if the child will understand that behind him nablyu give.
  • To tell the kid that he is guilty of your divorce, means to charge it with excessive burden.It cannot be done.Never!Among small children also the phenomenon which psychologists call magic thinking meets.The belief is its cornerstone that thoughts and feelings can be realized.For example, the child who took offense at the parent for scolding can believe that his evil thoughts were the cause of that the parent offender stumbled on a ladder, got sick or left a family.
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