Unlike animals

Unlike animals In total, that it is necessary for it it is food, and anything else you will not help here.

Guo the rule acts and in this case.

It is severe Stew, kindness not to solve a problem.

The person reasonable being, and it needs food for mind even more often more, than the physical.

Unlike animals it has to build the behavior.

If to direct the child on the way where he can to organize the behavior and to construct the mental life, everything will be good.

Its problems will disappear, night nightmares will be gone, digestion is normalized, greed will cease.

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The daughter

The daughter Perhaps, the father, so cruelly treating the daughter, revenges the wife.

And maybe, he thus tries at last to compel it not to close before his nose a door to the room.

The wife, avoiding scandals, at any cost trying to keep a family, so got used to hide the experiences and feelings that sometimes it seems to it: it in general lost ability something to feel.

She forgot to show feelings absolutely.

The daughter endures this her inability especially painfully.

Here also everything turns out as on the written, newspaper cliche: that is called as peaceful coexistence, in practice can be war.

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Because it is difficult

Because it is difficult Sara often said that was on holding therapy.

Because it is difficult for it to master abstract concepts, including concept about emotion, the girl seldom speaks about the experiences, apart from those cases when she sickens.

She will better offer a subject for improvisation, for example: any dance, the person who falls asleep or cries, a thunder and a lightning.

Sara matures.

And that who works with the girl, it became difficult for family to distinguish autistichesky lines of her character of that usually call properties of awkward age.

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Whether you supported

Whether you supported Whether you supported offenses of the child after their commission, concentrating on it negative attention: Abusing?




Testing unpleasant emotions: anger, fear, concern, frustration?

Being upset?


Being anxious?

Use this chapter for this purpose what to understand how further follows you: To use Yastatements when you say about something that you disturbs.

To arrange the life so that to make it convenient and pleasant for itself, without encouraging thus others to steal from you, to abuse your kindness etc.

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At least

At least etc.

Here on test of some in detail sorted useful skills and ways to turn it into game.

How to teach the child to handle a compass It is fine if you teach a mladsheklashka and the preschool child to elements of explaining the ground.

At least according to the card and a compass.

Our Earth round.

Show it to the child on the globe there is no globe take a ball, show where there is a pole.

And still where there is our country, and what it big and where in it there lives your family.

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It is tremendous

It is tremendous Next day Annie told the mother as it operated the brain and the bladder in a dream.

It is tremendous mother told.

I am proud of you.

Annie lit up.

And what if I leave weak light in the hall that it is better for you to see the road to a toilet at night?

mother offered.

The good idea agreed Annie.

There is one more idea mother told.

Let's get a special calendar.

Every morning we will look at your sheets and if the wet spot becomes less, than usually, you will receive zvezdochku.

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  • You know, at you in general a habit to do everything straight away mother told and when you so do, you do not even manage to reflect.Annie had a pathetic look.But I can do nothing.Such I am she told.Children such as you a preogromny set mother told but to it it is possible to help.There is a way by means of which you can be changed.It is the truth?Annie was surprised.I can change?As it would be healthy if actually it was possible to change she thought.
  • This requirement will remind the child that you feel for yourself a certain right that you are polite and will care further of yourself.Barbara, whether you will be so kind to clean kitchen?Den, whether you will be so kind to take care of a garden?Megen, whether you will be so kind to explain to me that you solved: to go to school or to pay the room and food?Joe, whether you will be so kind to feed a dog?Steve, whether you will be so kind to give me money to pay this phone bill?
  • If the teacher wants to overcome these difficulties for me, let overcomes.It is not interesting to me any more.Here it from carrying.If the child tries to lift something very heavy, and the teacher decides to help it, often it leaves the subject in her hands also runs away away.There is enough praise, the help or even look to stop it or a prepyatstvo to vat its activities.Perhaps, it will sound strange, but such can occur even if the child will understand that behind him nablyu give.
  • To tell the kid that he is guilty of your divorce, means to charge it with excessive burden.It cannot be done.Never!Among small children also the phenomenon which psychologists call magic thinking meets.The belief is its cornerstone that thoughts and feelings can be realized.For example, the child who took offense at the parent for scolding can believe that his evil thoughts were the cause of that the parent offender stumbled on a ladder, got sick or left a family.
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