It appears, vanillin

It appears, vanillin The tree, Apple, Bread, the Letter, the Wheel, the Arrow can tell us the mass of interesting things … We get also invisible, but significant, going straight in heart.

These are smells of holidays.

It appears, vanillin is good not only in pies, but also on the adult's hands.

It pleases and calms at the same time.

And here the gingerbread lodge can be painted, in the manner of Tom Sawyer's fence, color glaze with cinnamon.

A thin skin of tangerines the most memorable spirits of the childhood.

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However We heard once as the police officer told parents: You are responsible for with what people your child loafs.

However it also such point over which you have no direct and direct control and which directly does not influence your life.

In our opinion, this point gives especially good opportunity in order that, having worked with it, to receive big freedom for itself and in that time to find mutual understanding points with the son or the daughter.

We think that this point absolutely definitely belongs to the list of events of life child.

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If the kid stammers

If the kid stammers If you almost do not talk to the child, confine to words and short phrases if the kid is often provided to himself or to strangers even the most wonderful nurse is after all not mother, there is a real danger of emergence of a problem of speech development.

If the kid stammers One of the most serious speech problems is stutter.

As shows our twenty years' experience with children, in recent years stutter looked younger.

Even more often parents of twothreeyearold children in whom halts, and the most real stutter with all its heavy manifestations are found not simply ask for the help.

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It is correct: it is the third. And maybe, you should

It is correct: it is the third. And maybe, you should I could not pay simply to it any attention Annie told.

It is correct: it is the third.

And maybe, you should write all this on a sheet of paper?

mother offered.

yes Annie told and was going to write.

Means mother told the first step to stop, think and establish, in what all question.

to write the second some versions of its decision.

The third we have to solve what of these options to prefer.

How to make it?

Annie asked.

Let's estimate what results at a choice of each of three options could be, and then we will be able to solve what of them is better?

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He not very

He not very But also there problems at it arose same, as well as at school Moscow.

He not very well studies, even on English receives two though had language practice and speaks almost fluently.

Shirks much and when it becomes known at home and trial begins, behaves always equally: keeps silent, promises to improve, seeks to leave as soon as possible the house and does not come back to spend the night.

Spends the night in the neighbourhood on attics, the last time fell down in the elevator.

Parents look for it, but is most often ineffectual; it changes places of spending the night, and friends do not give out it.

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They speak

They speak Unless does not carry out the farmer all the time, looking after plants and a stomach ny, and the scientist being engaged in the microscopes and a lens mi?

The mankind begins with capture and destruction, and finish howls love and service by means of the reason.

Children, which tore plants in a garden, now watch their growth, consider their leaves and measure height.

They speak now not about the plant, and about this plant.

This height and lyu bov are caused by new consciousness, given rise in their reason.

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  • You know, at you in general a habit to do everything straight away mother told and when you so do, you do not even manage to reflect.Annie had a pathetic look.But I can do nothing.Such I am she told.Children such as you a preogromny set mother told but to it it is possible to help.There is a way by means of which you can be changed.It is the truth?Annie was surprised.I can change?As it would be healthy if actually it was possible to change she thought.
  • This requirement will remind the child that you feel for yourself a certain right that you are polite and will care further of yourself.Barbara, whether you will be so kind to clean kitchen?Den, whether you will be so kind to take care of a garden?Megen, whether you will be so kind to explain to me that you solved: to go to school or to pay the room and food?Joe, whether you will be so kind to feed a dog?Steve, whether you will be so kind to give me money to pay this phone bill?
  • If the teacher wants to overcome these difficulties for me, let overcomes.It is not interesting to me any more.Here it from carrying.If the child tries to lift something very heavy, and the teacher decides to help it, often it leaves the subject in her hands also runs away away.There is enough praise, the help or even look to stop it or a prepyatstvo to vat its activities.Perhaps, it will sound strange, but such can occur even if the child will understand that behind him nablyu give.
  • To tell the kid that he is guilty of your divorce, means to charge it with excessive burden.It cannot be done.Never!Among small children also the phenomenon which psychologists call magic thinking meets.The belief is its cornerstone that thoughts and feelings can be realized.For example, the child who took offense at the parent for scolding can believe that his evil thoughts were the cause of that the parent offender stumbled on a ladder, got sick or left a family.
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